Incontruency of spring

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Summer and winter have a certain level of confrontational brutality about them, uncompromising and persistent, fall is, for me, a sort of unfinished hesitation before the attack, but spring... Well, spring is for most Canadians, a time of winter mittens and rubber boots, snow shovels and questions like "where did I leave my ball glove?"

In spring, those people who like to "plan" things are in deep trouble, because life is contingent upon the variations of the weather which can have cycles measured in minutes


instead of days.

Now take the geese, they got back from the South either Friday or Saturday and each and every day a few more will show up as they carefully watch conditions as they are most disconcerted if the water they land in happens to be frozen. Standing around on ice with webbed feet is uncomfortable.

In the picture above along the highway you can see little snow while here (right) beside our driveway it is still knee deep with patches around the trees already bare to the grass. The street below is a spring street snow on the south facing lawns and the streets clean.


As we look south from our driveway (right) the water is making its way north unable to slide along the curb because the curb itself is buried in ice and snow.

The highway picture seen earlier was taken yesterday looking toward the four way stop and the picture below was taken this afternoon from the same spot looking east, but notice the huge piles of cleared snow beside the service road.

But it is far more than snow and water, spring is a time when the sun has warmed up the trees around Tisdale as they turn colour as their buds begin to develop yet for the next month we can have full blown winter blizzards.

Mrs. Fisher is heading home and though it looks warm the temperature at the time was about +5º the warmest it got all day and she told me that with that coat she can walk out into any weather and be warm. In the spring a warm coat is essential even though the sun gives the impression of warmth it is an illusion because a breeze can chill you to the bone and a light jacket makes life miserable.
The picture above is along Heritage Road on the west side of town where there are large areas of melt-water slowly working its way across the field to find its way into a drainage ditch like the one below and then on to the Doghide.

With the sun out people, who like me long to see the sun, feel warm air and suffer from serious cabin fever choke the street with traffic and everyone seems in a hurry, or at least a bit impatient. Most vehicles new washing, as does our van, but whats the point with pot holes ready to paint your vehicle in a new shade of brown.

Despite some possible setbacks I too will get my bike out, bask in the sun and pray for weather warm enough to make the white patches disappear and the brown ones turn to green. With the disappearance of the snow the smiles will broaden as we all enjoy almost a full month of glorious times when we can step outside without insect repellent.

For with that snow turning to water millions upon millions of insect eggs will begin their life cycle, which as we all know is intended to provide food for Purple Martins and other swallows who are no doubt working their way home to their summer cabins here in the middle of Saskatchewan.

Environment Canada is reporting excellent conditons until the weekend.

Timothy W. Shire


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