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Tisdale - thursday, April 20, 2006 by: Jo Lukinchuk

I don't have any captions for these pictures yet but I just wanted you to see what I had so far.

These pitctures were all taken in the Golburn area south of town in two days time (April 13).

Several people had stopped at the Doghide River bridge on highway 3 to take pictures as the level is fairly high.(Doghide_highway3.jpg, April 15)

You can see the gravel that was pushed to the side of the road from the force of the overflow on Golburn Road at the bridge.(gravel_moved.jpg)

The rushing water has started to eat away the road at the southwest corner of the bridge.(road_erosion.jpg)

When the water flooded over the road before the bridge, it had left scrape marks from quickly moving water and debris caught in the flow.

001_corral 002_hoopersfeild 003 004_golburn-bridge
005_water_over_road 006_road_erosion 007_road_erosion_otherside 008_griefs
009_wateronroad 010_fence_post 011_water_on_road 012_log-water

013_log 014_doghide_highway3    

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Thursday, April 20, 2006
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