Wading into spring
FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, April 2, 2009

So far there has not been a lot of wading as the run off this year is not extensive but as you can see above, there is a bit of waddling. These were the only two by the Doghide today in the pasture east of town by the bridge on highway #3. I went out to the lagoon to check and it is hard to say how many were out there on an open patch of water but I think there were eight. Within days these Airbus attackers will be back in large numbers. (Remember it was a flock of Canada geese that brought down an airline in New York's Hudson River.)


This growing puddle is just around the corner from the Tisdale water treatment plant.

Across the highway from PetroCanada (right) this BobCat was clearing out the culvert on their driveway to make sure the water went under rather then over.

Now the flock of vehicles at Four Season's Greenhouse west of Tisdale is a definite sign of spring as workers have been busy there for the past few weeks getting the flowers and plants that will soon grace Tisdale streets and yards.


That structure above the storage tanks at Parrish and Heinbecker is the only new part of the modifications visible over the winter but the excavations have already been done and as soon as it warms up a bit we expect to see a full construction programme at this new Tisdale terminal.

The image below shows Tisdale's skyline on the horizon as we look east across a field where the snow is swiftly disappearing leaving behind patches of stuble from last year's Canola crop.


Downtown all signs of snow and winter have disappeared leaving behind a street badly in need of the street sweeping machine. Recent ice conditions were treated with sand and with the snow melted the grit remains.

Tisdale's many gravel streets are all once again their usual dangerously rough shape, the grader is resting quietly.

The picture below is north of town looking across the fields toward Harvest Valley Terminal and you can see the radiation fog from the bright sun and snowy surface.


With the main street dried off and my mind made up to stay off of the town's worst roadway, Heritage Road, I thought it was time to clean up the van today so off came the salt and grim of the winter as I gave it a nice bath.

The full ditch below is across the street south of the Department of Highway's yard on the northeast corner of the community. The town has done a good job of clearing frozen culvers this is one of the few that has yet to receive some steamy attention.


The thing about spring is that it is often a gradual thing, while some areas quickly divest themselves of the winter's snow and ice some areas will hang on to that cover for up to a week after most areas are clear. This is in front of the Golden Age Centre.

Folks are certainly out and about enjoying the warmer temperatures. This young fellow was not in school this morning but put on the inline roller blades and struggled out on the half paved street. Pavement on Tisdale streets is pretty much a thing of the past.

Timothy W. Shire

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