The mild winter of 2011 / 2012 is over
Winnipeg, Manitoba and Tisdale - Saturday,March 17, 2012

As winters go, this one, the winter of 2011 / 2012 will go on record as one of the mildest in this part of Canada. Certainly, in my lifetime which spans from the second world war until now, this is the warmest winter I have ever experienced.

We spent part of the week in Winnipeg and as we headed for home against the wind on Wednesday afternoon this (right) is the scene just west of Manitoba’s capital city. There is no snow in sight.
The picture above taken by Cassandra Shire at 7:05 PM on Thursday, March 15, show the Assiniboia River west of Winnipeg at a location called Hacenda. The area had very light snow as did most of the area which feeds this river so for this year perhaps southern Manitoba residents might actually plant a crop this year.

Cassandra also caught this picture (right) of her daughter, our grand daughter, six year old Cadence on a school playground on the extreme west side of Winnipeg at 6:45 PM. As you can see winter in Winnipeg is history for this year.

The picture at the top of the page was taken at 7:28 PM, Wednesday, March 14 at Kelliher.

I was surprised when I went out to look around on Thursday afternoon that the geese have yet to return. We saw some at several locations on our way back from Winnipeg and we have heard that they are back in the Weekes area.

Below is the Doghide River at the north end of Riverside Golf Course in Tisdale. It does have water beginning to flow and there is enough snow in the basin to the south of town to produce a reasonable run off. It will depend on the speed of the thaw if the river will spread out beyond its banks.