FTLComm - Tisdale - February 23, 2000

Warm temperatures in late February are not unusual nor are nasty blizzards but this week its time for warm weather. The clouds in the picture on the right show this morning's conditions and though the cloud cover is very thin there is a possibility in some parts of the province of some rain showers this afternoon as it should be well above freezing.

Yesterday the streets were covered in slush and water and on main street these images were all taken a block a part of individuals out trying to clear away the water building up at two separate street corners.

We are a long way from spring run off and unless there is significant snow fall in the next little while the spring run off this year is going to be a non-event. The direct sunlight of this past week has made the black spots on the fields expand rapidly as the snow is being irradicated in short order in much of the open countryside.

Even in town where ever there are piles of snow the South side of these piles is being eaten away by the relentless sunshine.

In this picture you can see the growing puddles in the street just as you can see the substantial amount of ice and slush around the Shell service station. Yesterday was not a good day to have washed your car as all roadways were covered in a thin film of water.

With the children home from school this week the weather is ideal as they can be seen sliding on hillsides, skating at the outdoor rink, out on snow mobiles and I saw two yesterday on four wheel ATVs in a field near town. The snow cover is so light the fields are just right for four wheel vehicles.