Mean Wind

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, March 30, 2002

So, what's it like in Tisdale today?

Windy and cold, just like yesterday.

For more than forty-eight hours the wind has been blasting away from the North West and today from the North.

Of all the elements of weather the wind has to lowest approval rating. People don't like the wind, even a South and East wind can bring good things but most people resent its intrusion into our lives.

Perhaps the cruelty of the 1930s affected our parents and they in turn showed us the dislike they have for moving air but one way or another the wind is clearly unpopular.

These pictures cover all three of the four cardinal directions. At the top of the page we look into the rear view mirror while facing North and seeing South.

The next picture shows a rural road North of town as we look at the wind blowing toward us carrying with it some snow. Shivering and tense we note that this is "spring."

Above we peer down highway #3 South as drifting snow obscures the visibility at 9:30 this morning and above we see West on a rural access road as the wind whistles by. Below in from of the Tisdale health centre the flags are standing at attention in what is definitely more than a stiff breeze.