Blooming Tree

FTLComm - Prince Albert - April 19, 1999

Some things happen fast, the fellow who lives next door to this house was outside Saturday busily working on his lawn and noticed this tree to be like the rest on his street, pretty dormant but the warmth Sunday made a big change and in a few hours this ho-hum collection of stems turned into this magnificent thing of beauty.

Caught here in the light of early evening with the day's receding sun behind it the fuzzy blooms of the tree seem almost to glow as they catch the high contrast light.

Of all the things we can have in a yard trees make the most sense. The offer us protection from the sun, hold moisture in the soil, breath off massive amounts of oxygen and even in winter are their to offer some protect from a howling wind. I have mentioned before that prairie urban areas have become almost forested regions as both municipal government and individuals fill their space with trees of all kinds.

One of the added features of trees is that they provide us with an ideal environment for other living creatures to have a place to live and raise their young. Birds, small mammals and a host of unobtrusive insects are tree dwellers and enrich the environment.