Did I say red?

FTLComm - Aberdeen - Sunday, March 16 2003 Images by: Judy Shire

With the signs of change all around us Thursday afternoon we were heading for Saskatoon with the swirls of alto-stratus clouds above, high above, thin enough to interfere little with the afternoon sun but as evening approached those thin clouds were now laying horizontal to the sun's last light of the day and first they glowed and then they refracted that light as the sun disappeared leaving behind several hundred miles of golden cloud that turned to red, then indigo and then to black.

Judy Shire clicked away with two different cameras capturing the lgiht as it registered slightly differently on the CCDs of each of the two digital cameras.

Saskatchewan is breathing a collective sigh of relief as the very cold weather has subsided and Friday and Saturday we saw the temperature edge above freezing. As we drove along Thursday looking out over the snow covered prairie it was clear that there was not nearly enough.

This part of the province has not received enough snow to provide any kind of confidence for the coming year and they will begin the new crop year in a drought situation.

But thoughts of drought and the economic consequenses of that drought were swept from our minds by the colour that softened all thoughts and warmed the spirit.

Red is truly a feeling more than it is a colour, it is a state of mind. Red is being alive, red is senses, it has its own taste, its scent fills ones mind and warms the skin as much as the eyes and all in all sends a profound and satisfied sigh to the deep inner mind of all who are exposed to this golden red, this brazen red, this red that turns the emptiness of the atmosphere into a living thing itself.

Timothy W. Shire



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