FTLComm - Tisdale - September 9, 2000
As I was driving down this street on Friday afternoon I spotted this tree, this is hardly the first Tisdale tree to turn colour, the willow on our lawn has been yellowing bit by bit for almost a month but now we are seeing trees everywhere losing their green. This tree has a particularly nice paint pattern and I pulled over to get the image.

As I did so I discovered I was parked in front of Mr. Courchaine's house. Two years ago about this time I spotted some very tall sunflowers in his yard and sure enough this years tall sunflowers are well up there. Mr. Courchaine was in his garage and we discussed the outcome of his garden this year.

He reports some blight on his tomatoes but noted that his potatoes were not affected. I noticed some damage to his cabbage by butterflies and told him that those cabbage butterflies completely removed the leaves from our rutabagas He told me he has quit growing them because the worms get more then he does. I noticed that he still had a great crop of lettuce around the outside of his garden. He laughed about that and explained that he read somewhere that if you circle the garden with lettuce the slugs will not bother to go any further and will stay away from the rest of your vegetables, he says, "It works."