---And This Shall Be A Sign

FTLComm - Highway 3 - December 6, 1999
We are forever keeping our eyes open for possible information that will give us advanced warned of some event. The saying so often quoted about sunsets is extremely accurate: " Red sky at night, sailors delight, Read sky at morning, sailor take warning." Today's clear sky and warm temperatures have proven this addage once more.

This sequence of pictures were taken along highway 3 Sunday afternoon by just rolling down the window and clicking the shutter as the sun's last glow of the day filled the darkening sky. The picture above was taken just West of Melfort just East of the Beatty electrical substation.

The picture above was made just West of Kinistino looking across the flats and though the tones are different the picture below was made only seconds later but captured quite a different set of hues.

At the top of Weldon Hill the picture below was snapped and only seconds later the sky was dark as the terminator passed over us sending us into night.

Though we may look to the sky for signs of weather we also have looked to it for hope, and as a way to lift flagging spirits. In the old testament we read how the Creator told Moses that the rainbow would be the sign that would remind mankind that the flood would never return and the wise men followed across the sky the brilliant light foretelling the coming of the Messiah. Often as the sun sets or rises we get a glimpse of Mercury or Venus as these planets were often referred to as harbingers of the coming night or the arriving day, the so-called "morning" and "evening" stars.

Just as wise Indians have come to recognise the size of whiteman's wood piles as a good indication that a harsh winter is on its way, the smoothering of houses and yards with lights, heralds for us, the coming of the Christmas season and the happiness we associate with friends and families sharing with each other and the excitement that comes with the rise of good spirits. The picture below is a house on the Muskoday reserve.