FTLComm - Tisdale - December 8, 1999

There is a subtile difference between these two pictures taken looking across the golf course yesterday afternoon. Golfing has slowed down considerably this last while as this land gets to rest fore a short while.

The large air mass that would swallow up the prairies today had already begun to envelop the sky and as the sun set provided a projection screen to smoother the sky from horizon to horizon.

This set of pictures may seem excessive to you who live here in Saskatchewan, but a few days ago I received this e-mail message:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate finding your site on the web. I moved from the area (Star City) ten years ago to British Columbia.The pictures of the sunsets/sunrises are greatly appreciated as I live in the middle of the mountains and the sunsets leave a bit to be desired. You kind of take them for granted until they are no longer there. It is also great stumbling upon pictures of people I know. Especially enjoyed the hometown pics of Star City. Keep up the good work.

Terrie Lynne Higginbotham

So this set of pictures tries to capture the essence of this particular sunset on Tuesday December 7. The picture on the right looks across the TUCs field while all those below are on the West side of town.

These pictures, either singly or composites are shown here in sequence as the sun ever so slowly slipped away leaving the sky of gold behind. Each frame marks the progressive arrival of night.

The three pictures above are each composed of several pictures forming small panoramas of the scene.

The richness of the colour is a credit to digital photography. I have found that the digital camera seems to handle the graceful changes in light a little more realistically then film. However, most of us do not use film up so carelessly as one is prone to click off a shutter on a digital camera where there is no cost involved in film or development. This single factor has been responsible for capturing many scenes that would just never be recorded if one was relying upon the use of film.

The picture on the right shows the sky above our house as I decide it was time to let the darkness come on its own, unassisted by additional photographs.