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Fall Supper, A Saskatchewan Tradition

FTLComm - Tisdale - October 26, 1998

The community fall suppers of Saskatchewan seem to go back to the time of the province's origins as rural one room school districts each had their annual suppers and as those disappeared the tradition was picked up and carried on by church groups. A week ago Sunday night, the United Church held theirs and on this past Sunday it was the turn of the Catholic Women's League who held their supper in the community Recplex. Well over five hundred people came out for supper and another hundred meals were delivered by church volunteers. On the right we are greeted by Mrs. Visser and friends who are selling raffle tickets at the door.

Below are the people waiting their turn to enjoy the hearty meal. With seating for three hundred at a time, you can see that this was a big event. Just as in the past, most of these people had been out to the other suppers here in Tisdale and in