TMSS Newsletter

May/June 1998
Volume 1, Issue 9


Important Dates
June 1 No School
June 9 Senior Athletics Award 2:00 pm - RECplex Aud.
June 10 Activity Day Grades 6-9
June 11 Outdoor Ed Canoe Trip
June 15 Middle Years Awards Nite 7:00pm RECplex
June 19 High School Exams start
June 23-25 Grade 7 Field Trip
June 25 No school Grades 10-12
June 26 TMSS Graduation No School Grades 10-12
June 29 Admin Day
No school
June 30 Report Card Day
Tisdale Middle & Secondary School
Box 1000
Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0
873 2352

The school year is winding down and this will be our last newsletter.
Our first year at TMSS has been an exciting challenge. It is hard to imagine that some ten months ago there were still construction workers on site, over one hundred computers were waiting for electricity, and close to fifty staff members were new to the facility. TMSS has come a long way. We look forward to the summer to rejuvenate so that we can make the 1998-99 school year even better.

Grade Six

Congratulations to Gordon Deforest in 601 who raised $125 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and to Sarah Burningham in 602 who raised $120 and collected pledges from sixty different sponsors! Together 601 and 602 raised $2,150.00!! Congratulations and thanks for savin' hearts, grade six.
Grade six will start their swimming lessons June 15. Students are encouraged to keep up with their assignments in order to take advantage ofthe privilege.

Grade Seven

Classes 701, 702, and 703 have been busy selling chocolate bars to help raise money for their field trips to Torch Trail on June 23 (701), June 24 (702) and June 25 (703). The students will be participating in a number of activities including, archer, canoeing, horse back riding and swimming. A full itinerary will be sent home with each student in the first week of June. Three or more parent volunteers will be needed to accompany each class.

Canoeing Adventure

Twenty-six students are planning a canoeing adventure aboard your trusty canoes on the Churchhill River. The adventure begins on the morning of June 11, 1998, where we will be leaving from Otter Rapids. With assistance from our expert canoer Ms. Fafard, we will brave the rapids, wildlife, and weather. Mr. Bedel and Mr. Mutch have eagerly agreed to accompany us on the trip as a learning experience. On our trip we will stop at Robertson's Falls, Stanley Mission and Nistowiak Falls. We arrive home on June 14.

From the Library
Remember to pay up library fines as the end of school approaches.
Overdue Fines = No report card

Treasures Abound at your Library! Join the summer reading program at the Community Library. Starting in July:
Reading Logs: Keep a record of the books you have read and you can enter a provincial draw.
Contests and Draws: Drop in and enter your name.
Videos: Afternoons of free cartoons or movies.
We sure would like to see you at the Library this summer.

Junior Badminton Team

Our Division III Badminton Team did very well at the Division tournament in Bjorkdale. Marcy Werth and Dennis Syrenne won Gold in mixed doubles. Michael Anderson earned Gold in boy's singles. Nicole Bromm won Silver in girl's singles. Aaron Eskra and Dayne DeMarsh won Gold in boy's doubles. Heather Dyck and Maria Gruending earned Gold in girl" doubles.

From Student Services

Student Loans meeting at L.P. Miller High School in Nipawin in their multipurpose room Tuesday, June 2 at 7:30 pm. Anyone wanting to attend this session please register with Ms. Fulton. Grade 12 Students who have applied to post secondary schools will receive a form letter from Ms. Fulton that requests Sask Education to send their final marks directly to the schools of their choice. Note: transcripts must be sent directly from Sask Education, please do not send transcripts on your own.
Any grade 12 students who have a 80% or higher average please ensure that Ms. Fulton receives a copy of your acceptance for scholarship purposes.