Visits to Tisdale Up This Year

FTLComm - Tisdale - August 1, 1998

The Tisdale Chamber of Commerce's tourist booth is experience a busy year. Dawn Kozak is the hostess at the booth for her second year and she told Ensign that there are more campers this year and more visitors to the booth.

It is a tough job being the representative for the community each and every day but Dawn has the right attitude and approach to the work. She said that the questions she gets are pretty standard and with out a doubt the most popular one is "What is Rape?"

As we think about Tisdale’s motto it is likely that one day the town will have to consider the motto as fewer and fewer people remember that the popular source of the margarine today called "Canola" was only know as "Rapeseed".

The miniature golf course continues to be popular spot for visitors and local people alike and Dawn was busily painting up some friendly bees to decorate the various holes on the course.

The booth sells camping permits, and a good bunch of excellent items representing Tisdale and its famed honey production.

The camp ground when this photograph was taken was empty as this was early in the day after the nights visitors had left and yet before the visitors of the day had checked in.