How to pour the perfect Guinness

Dublin Ireland - Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by: Michael Townsend

First you have to travel to one of the most prestigious pouring schools in the world, Guinness Stockhouse in Dublin. After extensive study of the Guinness theory and a long laborious practicum, you present yourself for examination and if successful, graduation.

So now let me share with you the secret of pouring the perfect Guinness. Start with a clean glass of that distinctive Guinness tulip shape. The shape is important as it is an aid to creating the distinctive foamy head.

(1) Tip the glass forward, (top of page) pull the tap back towards you, and allow the Guinness to pour into the glass. Be sure the Harp on the glass is facing you.

(2) As the glass fills (right) straighten the glass and continue to pour until the Guinness reaches halfway up the Harp on the glass. (If you notice, of all the attempts by others in my 'pouring class', mine was the only one to be at the correct mark on the Harp of the glass.)




(3) Allow the Guinness to rest, (above) anywhere from two to three minutes, or until most of the gas in the Guinness has risen.

(4) Put the glass under the tap once more (right) but this time push the tap forward to finish off with a 'slow pour' until the head creates a slight dome on the glass.

(5) Present your perfect Guinness (below) to one of the residing experts for approval.



(6) If you are able to make that 'perfect pour', step forward to receive your diploma (right) and the adulation of your fellow students.

(7) Savour that 'perfect pour' to the last drop. (below)

So there you have it. If you would like some personal instruction, I am available for one on one tutoring. Just bring the Guinness.


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