Bungee Jumping and Volcano Climbing Continue...

November 9, 1998
By Jennifer Shire

Editor's Note :In our Sunday edition we carried a very brief account of Jennifer's latest adventures in Mexico. We wanted more details and so today we have more information about this 19 year old University student's activities in Colima Mexico.
I went bungee jumping on Sat night. It is way scarier than it looks. I went with Justin and Mark and they made me go first. You could choose to go by your feet or your back and I chose to go by me feet. There was no safety net either. I thought I had guts before I got up there but it turned out I didn't. They had to push me out. The scariest part is waiting for the first bounce. The ground keeps getting closer and closer and I'm thinking it would be nice to bounce anytime soon. After that it's like your flying and an amazing feeling. My jaw for some reason hurt after though. It cost in Canadian dollar about $15.

Sunday our guide showed up and we went to the snow volcano. We couldn't climb the fire volcano because it's rumbling and to much smoke and sulfur is coming out of it right now. It took about forty minutes to get to the base and then we drove two and a half hours up the mountain. From there we climbed for about a hour and a half to the summit. We were 14, 000 feet up. It was hard to get used to the air and I had a really bad headache. I thought we were going to have a path or something to follow. No way, mom would approve of the way we went. We climbed up rock faces and there was definitely no path. It was hard work and sometimes a little more dangerous than I would have liked.

There were two summits on this volcano. We were on the shorter one because the other one was to hard to get too. Well me and Mark said we wanted to go so our guide took us onward while the others rested. I needed help and some pushing and pulling by our guide because I couldn't pull myself up on some of the rocks. Coming down this was the hard part. One wrong step and no more e-mails from me. It was too bad that it was really cloudy because we couldn't see the bottom and much else around us.

Salvador called on Tuesday and offered to take me to the Fire Volcano because his friend's father is the volcanologist and he gave him a special permit to climb to the top. We had class though so I told to try and schedule for another day.

I thought I had left my wallet in a cab the other day and I have never felt my heart beat so fast, it was not a good feeling.

This weekend I'm hoping on going to Manzanillo for a sail fishing tournament . I'm trying to convince this guy to take me with him and teach me how to fish on those big boats.

I bought two big blankets at the fair for one hundred fifty pesos. I definitely have to send stuff back ahead of time.

For interests sake, I found the cutest place in Manzanillo. Pepe's bungalows for eighty pesos a night. Private resort with tennis courts and a private beach. In case you care for some reason.