Kamloops BC - Wednesday, October 3, 2001 - by: Michael Townsend
A great and varied Saturday Tim, and I have some pictures of the tale. It is easy to think one is living large when you can start the day by walking the 'bear' early in the morning and meet and talk with some strange creatures, stop and smell some flowers, ride 150 km/hr Harley sport Buells in the early afternoon, and then after a day of riding aboard my black beast, sadly put the bike away for the winter.

The morning started early, with Bear and I doing our regular early morning hike around the golf course. Last time we came this way we encountered a couple of coyotes. One got a little disoriented and headed into a field with these two lamas and was promptly chased down saved only by a fence.
This morning they seemed a little more friendly and rather than try and chase us away, chose to talk softly and acknowledge us with those oversized ears. After Bear's swim, (Bruce will be happy with all the Campotex cars heading west full of Potash.) We headed SunValley to water the flowers, eat a little breakfast and head out to ride some Buells.

The Buells are fun bikes; fast, easy to control and they have great braking, but you know, they just ain't Harleys. A fair number of people showed up for the demo ride, a couple on other race bikes, and the reps
were there to answer any questions one might have about the bikes. But most were there for one reason and one alone, to ride. It was a little cool, but if one was decked out in leather, the riding was perfect. My favorite was the X1 as this had the best power plant. One X1 was pro-tuned, and man could this fly. (And it almost sounded like a Harley.)

After I left the demo ride I headed down to Logan Lake via an old highway on my bike. Then it was back roads to Merritt and then back to Kamloops, about 300 km in total. One scene that caught my eye was this field full of Fallow Deer (deer.jpg). The fence keeping them in was not very high and the deer seemed to be very small so the combination kept them down on the farm I quess. (that, free food and the ignorance or what lay in wait for them.)

But when the day ended it was sad. I parked in the carport, removed the door to the basement and drove the bike into its winter home. Here it will sit where it can be slowly pampered, perhaps prepared for new racing cam and "screamin' eagle" carp kit (more HP don't you know) and new paint job. So now all that I will have is the tell tale vanity plate on the truck to remind me of what lies in wait next spring.