The Poplars
FTLComm - Tisdale - November 12, 2000

Many consider the poplar or aspen tree sort of the weed of the forest but they are instead remarkable in that they grow very quickly and preceed the succession of the other trees that will populate a forest.

The beauty of the poplar is indeed in the eye of the beholder and I happen to really like them. This is a small stand on the property of the Mr. Tree nursery just West and a mile South of Tisdale. This farm has established as a sideline developing trees from transplanting and

South of the little bush of scrub poplar is this neat lot of spruce and in the background you can see some young but really elegant Scotch Pine. Other varieties have been planted and this looks like a great operation. It almost begs the question as to why more farms have not planted more trees to be harvested in long term wood lot operations. Clearly this is the sort of land that can grow trees and they certainly add to the environment.
This picture below has the low angle of late afternoon light illuminating some of the scrub brush along the woodlot and the grass and amber light make this a pleasant and interesting scene.
Just South of the Mr. Tree farm on the West side of the road is an older farm site with what once was a horse barn. The low angle of light reflects off of the building and paints the scene.