The Red Earth Tree

FTLComm - Red Earth - January 9, 1999

There are trees, specific individual growing organisms that have stood the test of time. This one was here long before the Red Earth reserve was established and under its shade and around it generations of people have come and gone. Seen in the winter without leaves makes it even more imposing then in full summer growth. The silhouette image looking toward the setting sun adds yet another dimension to this stalwart individual.

It is important to note that the countryside around Red Earth, though wooded is mostly low scrub poplar and a good mix of conifers mostly black spruce in the swampy and muskeg areas. From Red Earth to Cumberland House a mere forty miles is an impassible swamp that only in winter can humans get across. So this tree which stands almost three times the height of the majority of the tree cover in the area is truly an exception and worthy of note.

(As time goes on I will endeavour to capture some of the other great ones of the prairies. The one in the middle of Fairford street in Moose Jaw and the raintree North of Hodgeville. One on Ensign, two to go.)