The Ultimate Survivor
FTLComm - Kinistino - Monday, February 11, 2002
This happens so often in Saskatchewan and no doubt other agricultural regions. A magnificent rain tree stands a few miles North of Hodgeville all alone in the middle of a sloping hillside field. Like the Hodgeville tree, that one day we will post here, this survivor stands in a field East of Kinistino. A durable spruce tree that for a long time has weathered the elements all alone, farmers have respected its tenacity and worked around it and there is stands.

The singular beauty of a stubborn tree is a thing of wonder, unable to duck and cover, forced to endure pesticides, winds, smoke, storms and the cumulative ravages of time we must on occasion give a life form like this its due respect.

Trees are the key to the regeneration of life on this planet. As we and other oxygen breathing organisms depend on breathable air the individual trees of the world take the waste carbon dioxide and convert it with the help of the sun to cellulose and other valued hydrocarbons. The consuming need for the almost endless uses we humans can find for wood products sees trees cut and processed each year but this guy is still standing out their in that field doing his duty.

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