Two evergreens less
FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Through out Tisdale and many other Canadian cities it has been common practice to plant spruce trees in yards in towns and cities. It seems like a good idea and they are fun to grow as they seem so fragile to begin with the promise that one day they will mature into fine upstanding trees.

Our house and many others in this neighbourhood were built in the mid 1970s and like our yard many of our neighbours now have towering spruce trees turning their yards into deep shade for almost twelve months of the year. We moved into our house fifteen years ago and the first summer discovered that the front lawn rarely needed mowing. Well, actually there barely is a front lawn because of the trees on the South side. Through the years we have come to view these beauties of nature with growing disdain and this past spring their execution was ordered.

Chupa Trucking and Excavation accepted the job but the pressure of the construction season prevented the work from being carried out. We have had a couple weeks now with only light snow and the Chupa work crew are working their way around town cleaning up the various jobs that have been waiting for the opportune time. This afternoon was the time.

All I had to do was move my vehicle from the driveway and the crew took over. A chain was put around the first tree at the height that the workman could reach. That chain was hooked to the track-hoe bucket and then it was time for the chainsaw. A notch was put in the falling direction of the tree then the track-hoe operator put some tension on the chain as the cut on the back of the tree was done and as you can see in the picture above down it came.

Once on the ground the tree was grappled up and place on the street. The track-hoe was repositioned and the chain put on the second tree and the front notch cut. Tension was increased as the back cut was made and down it came. The whole process took only minutes. With the pictures of this process notice the times are shown and you can see how quickly the trees were dispatched.

In the street they were bucked and put in the dump truck. The second last part of the project was to move the track-hoe up the lawn and claw the stumps out one at a time. A quick smoothing of the dirt was done then the last part of the project which took the most time. Using the track-hoe and a tracked bobcat type machine the trash and debris was cleaned up.

In the spring, the crew will return with some top soil and fill in the cavity.

It is such a simple process, I highly recommend the destruction of trees that have become weeds. We are looking forward to having some sun shine.