FTLComm - Tisdale - February 23, 2000

This is Edward's Livestock Hauling and on any auction day at Tisdale Livestock Center you will see this piece of equipment and many others like it loading and unloading animals for sale.

This kind of truck is ideal for picking up market animals from the farm site because of its size and ease of handling it can be positioned easily
and with the trailer's multiple wheels and the trucks duals it can get into some soft places without quickly bogging down but in addition this is a four wheel drive truck. The owner of this outfit is a hard working entrepeneur providing good service to his customers and establishing himself in the trucking business.
Many farms have units like this one to handle their animals but in the market place of today it makes good sense to use custom truckers to provide additional transport or to save money many farmers rely upon truckers like Edwards Livestock Hauling to get their market animals to sales. Simple efficient and able to handle a large load makes this form of agricultural transport both affordable and suited to the needs of today's marketplace.