Down in the Valley

FTLComm - Ridgedale, Tuesday, June 16, 1998

The impression that Saskatchewan is just this flat space holder between Winnipeg and Calgary is definitely one of those popular mythes because nothing can be further from the truth. Saskatchewan's geography is remarkably varied and nowhere as much as in the area between Nipawin and Tisdale. The band of gentle hills that runs off toward Manitoba is a fascinating area and filled with a huge variety of wild life. Just South of Ridgedale the little valley that works its way to the East is filled with lush growth of trees shrubs and the stream even has lily pads.

While taking the thirteen pictures that went into this scene a deer wandered out onto the road to see what we were doing. She did not come close enough for us to have a discussion but her curiousity kept her standing on the road for several minutes clearly amused at the antics of this guy with the red van.

Below is a panorama scene of that valley and stream. If you do not have QuickTime 3.0 you will need it to see this scene. It is not a big or difficult task to download the software, it will enhance the capabilities of your computer and is completely free. If you have some fear of loading this into your machine, please don't worry it is completely harmless and a series of dialogue boxes will see that you have installed it so that everything is done for you, no tricks.

To look around the scene just put your mouse on the image and push down on a button and you can steer around. By pushing on "control" you will zoom out and by pushing on the "shift key" you can zoom in.

(Excuse me, I am sorry about the light differential line in the panorama below but the camera was unable to compensate for the brightness and shade, and I was unable to sort out the difference before making the panorama. Timothy W. Shire)