No Room For Status Quo In the Corporate Jungle

Brendaren Farms - April 26, 2000 - By:Edwin Wallace


Caroll Wallace's latest creation, a painting, shows two Pool Elevators and an abbreviated railway track. The elevators, grossly distorted, appear as crosses - as in grave markers - along the surrealistic track leading to . . . nowhere!

demise of the Wheat Pool

While forgivably, I am greatly biased in my appreciation of her wit, there might be wide spread agreement that she has creatively captured the opinion of many a farmer when it comes to the demise of the Wheat Pool and the railway system.

Weins believes

In a local publication last week, there was an article headed, " Weins believes Wheat Pool headed in the right direction" The proper operative was used because - Weins can believe anything he wants.


However, a major fact of the matter remains; the latest and most likely the last president of the Wheat Pool (More correctly - Wheat Corporation.) fails to admit to the fatal mistake made in forcing the former co-operative onto the Toronto Stock Exchange. Had he an ear to hear, he would hear over and over again from former, loyal, Wheat Pool farmers, "You left us, now, we have left you." Weins doesn't seem to acknowledge that, nor is there any indication he has heard us say we will not do business with his corporation. Seeming not to hear, and from a salaried position of something like $200,000 a year, he simply puts it this way: " (We are) helping our members understand the tremendous changes they are facing . . ."


Changes? We know about them. Changes in marketing, changes in cropping practices, changes in the political attitude toward farmers and especially those unnecessary changes by institutions in which we should have been able to maintain our trust.

food banks becoming a growth

Understanding those changes? Well, some we do - just as well as Weins - some even better perhaps. The current Moderator of the United Church of Canada, a supporter of the demonstrations against the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) puts it this way. The much touted global economy sees corporationís ruthless tactics resulting in booming economies in the United States, Canada, and other countries, while more and more people are being plunged into poverty and homelessness and "food banks becoming a growth industry!"

no room
for the
Status Quo

RESTRUCTURING, that is, laying off employees, downsizing, hiring corporate minions and moving services further away from farmers, may in current corporate parlance and by Weins' standard, be the "right direction". But in reality those measures only demonstrate another stark fact of this whole matter: The law of the corporate jungle demands that economic advantage be taken at every turn; there is no room for the Status Quo! Thus, it is not whether the Wheat Corporation will be swallowed up by the corporate giants but when. Weins and company long ago gave up the idea of maintaining an independent farmer owned and controlled organization; the excuse always being, the Pool has to do this, that, or, the other thing, to survive

take over

Now, sadly, it has come down to this on an individual basis. In understanding this, the time has come to buy stock in the Wheat Corporation. The price of a share as this is being written is just under $5. For reasons mainly related to preparing the corporation for an external take over, (In other publications, Weins alludes to this!) there will likely be an increase in the share value over the next couple of years. We can expect something close to $12 (That was the original pay out to a great number of us farmers who quit the pool.) This will be accomplished by shedding still more employees, activities, and cutting back on construction. Corporate economic attractiveness must be achieved for that day.

Take a profit and run

Contrary to the ideals that saw the creation of the Wheat Pool; co-operation and local control, we, as individuals, simply take a line out of the corporate manual and take short-term advantage for personal gain. In other words, our goal is simple: Take a profit and run.


Yes, Mr. Weins, free of our loyalty the Wheat Pool used to enjoy, we are learning about change - Fast!
  I'm Edwin

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