There's gotta be a reason!

Success - March 27, 2001
Edwin Wallace


About 15 farmers gathered in the Success Community Hall, Tuesday Evening, March 20. The meeting was cobbled together to discuss the possibility of retaining - preferably on site - the 75 foot weigh scale out of the big elevator at Success, one of two there, which the Saskatchewan Wheat Corporation -SWC (Formerly Wheat Pool) is in the process of destroying.




Those who had to pass the elevator site to get to the town hall meeting found it difficult to believe their eyes; there was the big scale hacked into two pieces laying on the elevator driveway.



left in

What was so disturbing was the fact that at least three of those gathered had been in contact with corporation spokespersons and had received assurances the scale would be left in place and unharmed until after the meeting; a meeting which might very well have decide to make the scale a "Community Project". The opinion of those in attendance had been that a weigh scale would be of general use to the community for weighing grain or hay or whatever might need weighing from time to time.




Meeting participants were completely unaware of what had transpired within the corporation to cause such a sudden abandonment of what most thought was a time commitment from the SWC.




That unilateral action by the floundering, mismanaged failure, is just further evidence of a very active agenda far different from what Marvin Wiens would have you believe from the text of a recent item he distributed to most Saskatchewan papers in which he bragged about saving everything from the youth to a few timbers for preferred pilferers.




No, it turns out that, indeed, the Saskatchewan Wheat Corporation is being run by a tight knit little gang who cares not one iota what the people of this province think or how bad its public image is tarnished.




One can easily be led to believe the SWC´s CEO, Schmidt is deliberately trying to devalue the company to the point where his former U.S. corporate buddies can walk in and pick up the whole mess for a few cents on the dollar.




That Wiens and the other board members are mere shills in this thieves'-game would be laughable if their participation wasn´t such a pathetic public spectacle.
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