Marvellous Marvin Appointed for Second Term

Brendaren Farms - April 16, 2001
by: Edwin Wallace


I think it safe to assume it was a 'Press Release' from the Saskatchewan Wheat Corporation - SWC (Formerly the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool-SWP.) that appeared in a local paper on the weekend - without any accompanying editorial comment.




I guess we can safely assume also that the Press Release announcing Marvin Wiens', internal appointment, to a second term as President of the SWC went to all other media in Saskatchewan, and likely, selected, influential, outlets across the country. No doubt it was printed, 'as is', by most if not all recipients; sans critical comment.




That fact, may not be the stuff of a perfect world, but it is understandable and appreciated by this scribe. Most of our media depends on advertising dollars to stay in operation. Once upon a time when the SWC was the SWP it had the resources to purchase large amounts of advertising. Well, like it or not, no media manager is going to let his or her editorial staff stomp on the possibility that the SWC's current and likely final travail might kick loose an advertising blitz. Never smack a gift horse in the mouth!




Be that as it may. But, being a conscientious member of our great Canadian society, I feel compelled to add a follow up.




Recently I have taken to calling him Marvellous Marvin Weins. Reading that Press Release could easily suggest to the unititiated that such a moniker for Marvin is a gross understatement.




Now, it is not reasonable to expect you to read a long quotes from something you have already read, but here are phrases found extant, which I believe deserve comment. Marv Marv says he will be the guide, to ". . . strengthen our relationships with farmers . . . employees and investors."




Pardon me while I chuckle at that. As the dust settles after the most recent country elevators in our area were toppled last week, I can't control myself. Let me catch my breath after busting right out loud laughing as I considered those hundreds of laid-off employees. And as I regain my composure, let me remind your readers that operating as the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, those relationships with farmers and the employees were in pretty damn good shape. As for the investors; all I got left is Ha haha!




Then, as if Marvin couldn't, on his own, make the Press Release - read propaganda - sound silly enough, CEO Mayo Schmidt, the Yankee Wunderkind, wades in with this: "Marvin . . . (will) . . . allow us to capitalise on the (Corporation's) co-operative advantage . . .".




Reality must be at a premium in the Schmidt House!




I could go on, but I won't. Read it in your own local paper and get your own laughs.




By the way, approximately sixty people met at Success, Saskatchewan, April 12, to find out how we could bypass the SWC and other grain company 'Tombstones' by loading Producer Cars. Now, that's cooperation in action! Or as many have said "We're starting all over again!"

I'm Edwin Wallace