Trade and moralty

Brendaren Farms - Friday, March 28, 2003 - by: Edwin Wallace




The Iraqi invasion by the US is an immoral act. A majority of Canadians agree!




Canadian "business exporters" have come out "pro-American". Nothing surprising here; Canadian Business, in general, has been continually opposed to a guaranteed annual income (And always opposed to an increase in the minimum wage!) and all other social programs that aid PEOPLE.




I feel sorry for the people who must perform in the upcoming Pax-Americana rally. Most do not believe in your immoral cause but they need to "show up" to better secure their future income.
  I just bet you guys were the school yard bullies too.
  Three cheers for the Canadian government! (In regard to our politician's, and this act of courage, I'm still shaking my head in disbelief!)

I'm Edwin Wallace

loyal Canadian

  Pro - U.S. rallies expected in Canada Saturday, (PDF) March 28, 2003, CTV News
  Gordan, Michael R. March to Baghdad Slowed, U.S. Forces Weigh Strategies, (PDF) March 28, 2003, New York Times
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