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The Great Sandhill mistake

Brendaren Farms - Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - by: Edwin Wallace
To: Premier Lorne Calvert.
Perhaps you could tell me why you and your cabinet colleagues have become such strangers to the matter of truth?   Never mind; I think we know.
The CBC radio coverage (16/06/04) of your plans to ignore the science and those who oppose further development in the sandhills is the latest case in point.
Your minister says there was consensus. There was not. (Plenty of evidence was presented in the piece to show there was not.)
To appease the people that have never supported the CCF/NDP, even in those earlier days of the party's history when strong leadership was extant, can only be considered a further sell-out to the enemies of democratic socialism in Saskatchewan. ( I doubt if you even understand that.)
As a long time (former) member of the party I cannot put into words my disgust with you. I gave strong support to your bid for power during the last election campaign only to come to realize that you are not to be trusted, have no real plan, but choose to careen from one crises of fumbling, indecision and lies to another, and that your main goal was simply to provide yourself and the other corrupt party hacks with employment for just a little longer.
Being the cause for the demise - perhaps total destruction - of the NDP, in Saskatchewan, will be a very fitting epitaph for your political life. 
I have nothing but utter loathing for anyone who would make the Saskatchewan party; that new generation of reactionary, old, Torie crooks - look like a positive alternative for our people - it is not!v

I'm Edwin Wallace

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