Nystrom, Tim Horton's, the cops and the NDP

Brendaren Farms - Friday, January 10, 2003 - by: Edwin Wallace



3rd attempt

In his third or fourth attempt to become leader of the NDP, Lorne Nystrom, says the NDP must make contact with the people who go to a Tim Horton restaurant.




From the Globe and Mail:


"Look at the NDP membership. They're more like the people who come into Tim Horton's. They're not interested in martinis or the most expensive restaurant. They're interested in jobs, food on the table for the kids, a roof over their head, good public health care. Unless we can address the people who come into Tim Horton's, this party isn't going anywhere."




Nystrom, hasn't had an original idea come to his head in all the years he has been in politics (since his youth). In the Globe and Mail, he maintains that reputation. Of course people want jobs, food, a roof - at least - but the NDP has to become a party willing to take risks to secure those needs.




The NDP has to become a party of the left again. It has to have a socialist soul, looking for radical ways to improve the lot of those not in power; not wealthy; not part of the elite. It cannot be a 'social democratic' organization which is what Lorne; spouting eye glazing banalities; likes to say about himself - so often! The whole thing is not, should not be, about getting elected again. So what is this all about?




Well, ironically, Tim Horton's is the place where the cops go for their donuts. Those who might doubt this should take a look at the number of police cruisers that make a regular stop there. This is not unique. From Victoria, to the furthest placed Tim Horton restaurant, the name Tim Horton is synonymous with police. So much so, that you might hear somebody on the streets say - if they had to go to the police station, "I gotta go to Timmy's place."




I don't care a hoot where the police take their breaks. But let me just say this: By virtue of their latent tendencies; more highly developed through their system of training, cops are generally very conservative. Cops, generally, do not advocate or participate in movements to bring about healthy social change. They protect the establishment. Very few cops would vote for the NDP only because they traditionally view the party as radical. (Old myths die hard.) On the other hand, they might vote for Nystrom himself; he is no danger to anybody but the Party!




However, with all that said and acted upon; as fact; here comes old Lorne, so bereft of an imagination and so out of touch with the 'street' and ordinary people in general that he uses Tim Horton's to proclaim his mediocrity.




More and more these days what actually happens is so far beyond any fiction we might imagine. It boggles the mind.

I'm Edwin Wallace

  Hansard, Nystrom's statement in the house of commons that mentions the common people as those who go to Tim Horton's.
  Simpson, Jeffrey, Who will lead the NDP? Who cares!, (pdf) January 10, 2003, Globe and Mail
  Lorne Nystrom's home page


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