Lorne Calvert and Don Ching, Newcastle Australia in the background

Buying your way out of power

Brendaren Farms - Thursday, March 13, 2003 - by: Edwin Wallace




Well, Lorne Calvert, and Don Ka-Ching, head of SaskTel are going to keep right on trying to spend the NDP buffoons right out of power.




A failed "arrangement" in Australia is the latest evidence of a third world province trying to make its way through shark filled waters.




According to a CBC report:


"More than a million dollars was spent developing the project, but Ching says that despite the setback the company will continue to look for other worthwhile international ventures."




How does the spending of millions elsewhere and off shore, square with our desires right here at home for wider distribution of HighSpeed Internet service and lower rural Saskatchewan telephone rates.




To make the point for lower rates - I pay $4.20 a month "Excess Mileage" on my bill because I live out of town I pay another $4.50 for "Extended Area Coverage". (19-24 miles which gets me to two other places by land-line but still leaves me paying long distance to those same two points on my cell phone.)




I accept all that additional cost if it is necessary, but these other expenditures to give SaskTel "World Status" lead me to believe it is not.
  Am I being unfair to think that a provincial crown corporation with a very good history should remain just that - an absolutely needed publicly owned AND CONTROLLED utility?

I'm Edwin Wallace



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