Punching the point home, Jean Cretien, has announced the expenditure of over a half billion dollars for French language education.

Bilingual Money

Brendaren Farms - Thursday, March 13, 2003 - by: Edwin Wallace




Those of you who are less trusting and have a jaundiced view of things politicians in general do probably are thinking similar thoughts to mine. This is part of Jeans plan to leave a legacy.




It has little or nothing to do with "good for the country". It does have everything to do with his own political strategy and it will create great job opportunity for the relative few individuals who will be able to take advantage of the program.




However, if Jean were looking out for the future and Canada's economic well being, there would be a whole different thrust. We would plunge our best and brightest deep into the modern world's languages of international trade and diplomacy - Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish to name some - who the hell speaks French but Frenchmen anyway. (We might take a few of the biculturalism & bilingualism folks and train them to understand the Bush Americans but that kind of training might take too long and be too expensive.)




Sure, French is a handy language here in an artificially maintained bilingual Canada, but beyond that . . . well, let's be governed in this regard by the world we live in.

I'm Edwin Wallace

  Ottawa to boost bilingualism budget, March 12, 2003, CBCNews Ottawa
  Ottawa to spend $751 M to promote bilingualism, March 12, 2003, CTV News, Ottawa


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