Justice David Wrigh, Neil Stonechild, Chief Russell Sabo


Brendaren Farms - Thursday, October 28, 2004 - by: Edwin Wallace
I am a 66 year old farmer from the Swift Current area. I am as white as they come, have had no record with the law and over the years I have had a couple of friends in the RCMP.
Saskatoon's police chief was on Saskatchewan CBC Radio's morning show today talking about the Stonechild case. He was asked specifically about what was going to be done about the public's perception (negative) of the Saskatoon City Police.
It goes without saying that changing perceptions held is one of the most difficult tasks.
However, the defensive way the chief chose to handle that question; the attempted skating and sidestepping through the whole interview was maddening to listen to, and I would assume, did little to get that difficult process underway - it certainly didn't work on me. In fact it was only indirectly that he seemed to be prepared to admit to any mistakes.
Arrogance does not serve a public servant well.

I'm Edwin Wallace

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Photo credits : Images of Justice Wright and Neil Stonechild borrowed from CTV and that of Chief Sabo from Injusticebusters.


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