When politics parts with reality

Brendaren Farms - Wednesday, April 7, 2005 - by: Edwin Wallace
It is apparent that your considerable experience as a member and leader of the ruling NDP government in Saskatchewan, has done nothing to enhance Lorne Clavert's political acumen.  On the contrary; it would now appear that the job of being Premier is much beyond his personal ability and view of political reality.  Any attempt by him to be statesman-like appears to be nothing but more of the same - pitiful buffoonery.
The seeming easy excuse you give for the 4.5% increase in MLA's base salary is that it was set by an independent Commission. 
Silly, childish nonsense! 
Everybody knows that Commission's recommendations are only that - recommendations.  On the other hand the 0-1-1% (Three years) increase to labour's wages, is not a recommendation, it is a dictate from the premier and his gang. 
The Premier's suspected incompetence is best expressed by his initial acceptance of last year's AND this year's recommended increase in salary for all members of the Legislative Assembly.  Who but the most brazen, senseless, idiot, would dare think a financially hurting province would accept such selfish, self serving? 
Note: The Premier was quite capable of turning down last year's recommendation - seems he still had a little bit of sense left. 
This rush to accept this year's Commission recommendation is also selfish and self serving. The Premier has made only the cabinet and the leader of the opposition exempt from a full increase this year!
An attempt to prevent at least one or two - but any number really -  already disgruntled NDP Back Benchers from voting with the Opposition to bring the pathetic excuse for a government down! 
We are in yet another one of several years of negative income in primary production agriculture with not so much as a nod from the Premier and his incompetent Agriculture Minister or their latest budget.  
Saskatchewan began in 1905 with farming. Farming sustained this province. Farming is still the mainstay of our 100 year old miracle. After 100 years our Premier says there are no resources for farmers; no support for our farmers. That's easy for him to say!  But what is, and what remains to be even more important? The government has NO Agriculture Policy for this agricultural province.  Romanow didn't.  There can be no true celebration of our Centenary without major recognition of the life force of this province - farming! 
Many of us think of the Glory Days - rural medical care and electrification,etc. - we remember the days when we had as leaders, true visionaries - not just fools calling themselves visionaries.
The Premier is far beyond most of my tolerance, compassion, or pity.  He strikes me - and I should suspect many of my friends - as a sadly incompetent person.  Please, let us hope that he will do all that he can to end his days of power. I know, the alternative may be every bit as depressing but it will give the Left, a chance to clean out the deadwood and renew its vitality as a Saskatchewan reality. 

I'm Edwin Wallace


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