Saskatchewan politicians catch up to the people

Brendaren Farms - Tuesday, April 12, 2005 - by: Edwin Wallace
About a week ago I took time to scold ( read jeer ) the Premier about the 4.5% salary increase his people had cheerfully prescribed for themselves.  But last Wednesday, obviously after consultation with the opposition Tories in order that oneupsmanship not be a factor in any public statements, it was announced that all members of the Legislature would take an increase in pay as was relegated to lesser beings who labour in our service.
In other words, it was a clear demonstration of
'the politician catching up with the public;' a realization that there are finite limits to how much stupidity John Q. Public will tolerate.

The Premier, in his increasingly stumbling, pause filled manner, suggested that he was somewhat miffed at the public response and that some means had to be found to increase the pay so as to attract good people to become politicians. 

Well, at least he was consistent.  But he is wrong again! 

The myth that higher pay will attract more capable people to politics is so far out of step with reality as to be hilarious.  For instance, why would we have Tommy Douglas as premier, all those low paid years ago, and Lorne Clavert today!!  Pay has very little if any part to play. The plethora of mediocre players in today's political arena is due mainly to personal ego, hunger for power and a self denial of personal incompetence. Politician's in consultation and social intercourse with high roller private sector lobbyists - CEOs and/or their envoys - has likely given our leader a like mannered mind set; there is no limit to the value the Premier has ascribed to he and his fellow legislators!
We, the people, are in dire need of leaders - as in the past - who are much more than political manipulators; leaders, indeed, who possess compassion intelligence and reason. The pathetic increase in payments to social assistance recipients over the past two decades is a glaring example of how current government and opposition members lack those traits.

And it must be said again; lack of relevant policy, the government's failure to recognize the important - present and historic - roll of agriculture in Saskatchewan, speaks so clearly to the fact that the Premier and his cohorts constitute an egotistical vacuum in our political midst.

The only thing that sustains the present government is the equally incompetent, manipulative and vision free nature of Brad Wall and Co.

What a sorry, sad, state after 100 years.

I'm Edwin Wallace


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