Binford Model 2006

Brendaren Farms, Success SK - Sunday, April 30, 2006 - by: Edwin Wallace

In 2000, son Darren and I built a bar-b-que for use at our place at Turtle Lake. We called it the "Binford 2000" a name created from the Tim Taylor show.

With the inner workings of a scrap washer, an old One-way disk, some rebar, a bit of auger tubing and bits and odds of 'junk', here is the "Binford Model 2006" to be used in a new outdoor shelter (For those unseasonable days.) we will put up at the lake this summer. (move your mouse over the image to see another view.)

Some of our friends know all about using the inner drum from an old washing machine as an outdoor fireplace. We just couldn't leave well enough alone.

It is pretty well all done but for the flat black stove paint so nothing would do but to fire it up (with newspaper) to see how it worked.

We didn't forget the door for the fire box.

Editor's note: March 1, 2006 we posted a story by Edwin on the farm wind power project called "Donkey Power at success". Well that project is now fully operational and Edwin has sent along a follow-up picture of the windmill's support structure and wind mill as it cranks out electrical power for the farm. He has also sent us a picture of his farm made roto-rooter. Here is what he has to say about it: " We also built a power sewer snake. We have 10 houses in Swift Current, so having the means to cure problems with roots in sewer lines at a moment's notice is good." (move your mouse over the image to see the other one)


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