Pirates and the Wall of silence

Brendaren Farms - Monday, May 28, 2007- by: Edwin Wallace

As the NDP rats crowd the rope hooked to their sinking ship, Premier Gilligan, strives to maintain a stiff upper lip on a face facing inundation in the political sea. Those of us on shore are not cheering the demise of the captain and his crew. We worry. We see the Tories' Pirate Ship on the horizon replete with its boatload of modern day crooks singing a Divine ditty. . .

Enough maritime imagery already! It is only a way of raising the problem we are all going to face in the very near future.

Just what is Mr. Bra-a-ad Wall, going to bring to that election table? A few talking points about health care and other motherhood issues of course, but he's not saying anything substantive because he doesn't want the Tories to telegraph their real intentions like last time.

Remember the Privatization of the Crowns issue!

The privatization issue will be back; courtesy Bra-a-ad.

And not without some reason.

Some of the Crowns, especially SaskTel, have been used like an old whore for Calvert and company's pleasure! Swelling the crowd at the needless appearance of Al Gore is a good and very recent example of such use and abuse.

Wall's silence is a strategy well considered.

His political trips and accompanying promises to Alberta, and his indebtedness to the financiers of his party here, will require some real juicy plumbs for the picking if his crew should get elected. He can't use a healthy economy to his benefit unless he uses it to treat his pals.

The Crowns should be saved from such looting!

The sad part is, that Calvert, is too far out of touch with reality to be of any help. His words belie the fact of his surrender That he hasn't seen fit to put somebody of high profile into the losing proposition of Swift Current constituency is proof of this.

Yup, Saskatchewan is, as it now appears, is in for a hard ride.



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