The rest of us are watching!

Brendaren Farms - Wednesday, March 12, 2008 - by: Edwin Wallace


The media draws us to the antics of the American election process. Our curiosity is rewarded with solemn USA reminders that, indeed, yours is the best country in the world (contrary to much data) and for some reason has been ordained our world's leader.

At the same time, us outsiders, are admonished to not get involved in the process as has been learned - messaged by your pundits - during the recent, Clinton inspired, Democratic candidates brush-up over NAFTA and the Canadian government. We are cajoled or coerced; relegated, to non-participant status: Unofficial, perhaps unwelcome observers.

Be that as it may, the USA is important. What you do in this election is very important. The damage you have fomented in the world in the name of arrogant patriotism, malicious racism and just plain, unabashed greed, shows little sign of abatement

Barack Obama's campaign for the Democratic Party's nomination has inspired unprecedented involvement by Americans. It has also, through its thesis of hope for positive change, given the rest of us who would see a more peaceful and responsible world reason to believe that there is indeed goodness at the heart of the US of A.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's same old same old will not support that belief. Once upon a time, John McCain, was a prisoner of another needless war.



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