Life Begins Again

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, June 13, 2002

Weather is clearly something we can do nothing about but that definitely does not restrain any of us from talking about it and today's pictures are a commentary on the change in the weather that has long lost moved us from a perpetual late winter to something close to summer and all of this took place in just a few hours.

This morning when I stepped outside and looked at the sun streaming through the leaves on the tree by our doorstep it was a matter of extreme pleasure.

Winter never really left us this year but sort of lingered on and on with hints of warmer weather followed by prolonged periods of very cold dull cloudy days. All of this accompanied by a drilling wind and no precipitation.

With almost a half inch of rain the grass has

started to grow, the leaves have come out and here almost half way through June the temperature move up to something close to normal.

Yesterday morning was gloomy but the wind was warm as a very light hazy faded away the second picture on this page shows the downtown of Tisdale. Then mid afternoon the solid sky began to show signs of breaking up then in the picture above a shaft of sunlight broke through.

Around seven we set out for a bike ride around town and this picture with the sun behind us shows the tattered clouds as we look down past the elementary school.

In another (above) neighbourhood puddles sit in the street for the first time this year and children play down at the intersection.

On the North East side of town lover looking the Doghide we see the clouds disappearing and the promise of warm day.

Today at lunch time we celebrated the arrival of what has to be something like spring as we ate lunch on the deck and chuckled about sitting in the shade.