Garnet and Iris mark 50 years together

FTLComm - Moosomin - Sunday, April 20, 2003
Garnet Fisk married Iris Morn the year after his younger brother Keith married Iris' younger sister Edna and by that time the Fisks from three miles North of Kelos were actually beginning to mellow out a bit and the combination of Fisk and Morn would be added to as Edna and Iris' younger brother Bob later married Garnet's niece Audrey.

The Fisks were a full ball team with Keith the catcher, Wesley who's grand daughter was getting married Saturday, the pitcher, while Garnet was infield,(I think first base) while Clifford was over on third base and Black (Clarence) was on second. They were a formidable clan at the various summer tournaments, especially at St. Andrews where they would lock horns with the MacDougals. In the late forties and early fifties every six miles or so there was a country school and with the farms as small as they were then, there were lots of young people.

It was only a short time after Garnet and Iris married that they went to live on their own quarter only a few miles North and East of the home place, just North of brother Clarence's farm, with brothers Everett and Clifford to the South. Garnet with the solid support and hard work of his partner put his skills and efforts into building up a pure bred Hereford herd, just as his older brother Roy (Ken the best man's father) had done and in a few short years he was showing prize animals and able to market superior livestock that brought a premium price.

Their farm grew just as did their family, so that today, Gordon who is on the home place, has a fine herd of exceptional cattle and outstanding grain production to insure a prosperous future.

It was only a few years ago that Garnet and Iris moving into Moosomin to back off a bit on the day to day feeding and caring for a herd of cattle, but they both maintain an active interest in what was something that together they spent their lives together building.

Garnet had begun his independent operation some years before he and Iris married when he first acquired his own quarter section and a brand new bright Massey 44. My claim to fame was that as a five year old with no experience around a farm what ever was nominated by Uncle Keith to bring the new tractor in from the field. Keith set the thing in motion in third gear and it wasn't until I swung it around in the barn yard aimed for the garage that I realised I had no idea, absolutely none, as to how to bring the thing to a halt. I decided that the garage was probable not such a great idea and turned toward the pig pen where the Massey 44, now with a dented nose, came to rest with its front wheels in a smashed pig trough. Uncle Keith was a little upset, but Uncle Garnet was far beyond that, equaled only by my mother's concern about a five year old bad driver.
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Family were almost all present at 5:30 at Moosomin's Country Squire Inn.

Grandchildren from age twenty-eight to Dusty Lee who is age six were just glad to see one another.

Garth Fisk and his wife live in Brooks while Gordon Fisk (blue shirt) raises cattle on the family farm South of Moosomin.

Auntie Verna is the oldest sibling of Garnet and lives in Kipling and is see here with her son-in-law Wayne Struble.

Rodney Fisk the youngest of Iris and Garnets family of three boys and a girl was the evening's master of ceremonies






Iris thanked everyone for coming and her family for putting together this surprise event for indeed both she and Garnet had planned to be in Whitewood at the MacDougal wedding.

Coralee is in grade eight and attends school In Brooks and is the daughter of Garth while her grade seven cousin is Gordon's daughter and attends school in Moosomin.

Austin is in grade six and is Coralee's little brother, a regular Alberta boy, cowboy hat and all.

Garnet said as the evening began that it is so good for everyone to get together at a cheerful occasion as he and his best man of fifty years earlier chuckle.

Time for cutting the cake as a flock of cameras click and flash away to show this couple who have been sharing the good times and sometimes the bad together for half a century.





Gloria Jean Struble (McVicar) scarcely remembers the wedding at which she as a very little girl was the flower girl. Kathy, Ken's wife had forgotten about the supper and was making supper for her family who were home for Easter when Ken reminded her they were going to supper in Moosomin.

It is worth waiting for those family pictures to get taken as they establish in our memory and make this moment as important as it really is.

After the supper there was lots of time to visit and get up to date on family affairs before the folks began arriving at 8:00 for the rest of the evening's celebration.

1953 was on of the wet years and on the way to the wedding Ken's dad dealing with a car stuck on the Moosomin Kipling road had to deal with a pair of pants that just couldn't stand the strain.

Lone Calbert, Mr. Hermanson, Lt. Governor Haverstock, MP Roy Bailey each sent greetings to this couple recognising their fiftieth anniversary.

But the achievements of this couple are a very long list but without a doubt the family of great grandchildren has to be something to be so very proud. During the evening I had a chance to talk to and in the few minutes available get to know Coralee, Austin, Dusty Lee and many of the others. The anniversary of their grandparent is not just a moment to be a part of, but is a solid example of how a couple can develop a partnership that will take them through the hardships of the worst kind and yet still have each other to pick things up and move forward.

Timothy W. Shire



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