Going to the Chapel
part I

FTLComm - Winnipeg - Wednesday - February 25, 2004 - by: Cassandra Shire


Congratulations! So you're engaged (finally some may think - you'll no longer be a Sin-in-Law)

Now it's time to get married - easy right? Well maybe!

There is a whole industry out there focused on having young couples spend a fortune on getting married - some spend from $5000 to $50 000 for a wedding (and these are ordinary folk walking down the street - not people like Trista & Ryan - from the Bachlorette) For most people the money that they use to pay for a wedding could be used instead of a down payment on a house but rather they get married. With shows like A wedding story, Weird weddings, a perfect proposal, For Better or For worse, Bridzilla, Wacky Weddings, and Exchanging Vows (to name a few) it's like trying to keep up with the Jones!

time to

So back to getting married - First things first - the easy part - Letting EVERYONE know that you are engaged. For Tim and I, this was fairly easy. My Dad already knew as Tim had asked for permission, so we drove down to the hospital and told my mom. His side of the family had to wait a little bit (we thought that they might like to sleep past 6:00 a.m. On Christmas!) After calling his side - we had our Christmas morning and then there was no stopping my father he called everyone he had a number for and had told them by lunch time (even our family over seas knew) The other side of the family found out - not sure how as they live in a different province.


A different province - this brings us to the second part of planning the wedding - where to have it? Well that was some what easy as well - since my family is much larger, and it is where my husband and I live we thought that it would be easier to get married here in Winnipeg.




Now the third and somewhat really important step - what about a date? It is important to consider all sides of the families, other events going on, and our schedules in deciding on a date. Well - the first question was would I be in school, well it was a possibility and so the thought of getting married during classes wasn't very appealing (which rules out January, February,March, April, September, October, November and part of December) Next is the

December 2003








































parentís schedule with Tim's mother being a teacher (as well as other members of the extended family) and having a limited number of days of traveling during the school year would be difficult (thus ruling out May and June). Leaving us with July, August and December. So the next consideration is how long it will take to save the money - with a guest list of close to 200 - December it was! But what date? Well the options were the 13th, the 20th, and the 27th. Well the 13th would make it difficult for family to travel for the wedding and the 27th doesn't leave us very long for a honeymoon (this is an important factor - to be considered later)



11 months

So we have a date and a city!! Yup, this is the first THREE weeks of an engagement! Only eleven more months until the wedding!




Next steps - a guest list and a budget - done one of two ways vite
  1. How many guests do we have and then how much money do we need
  2. How much money will we have and then how many people we can in



& a meal

We choose option #1 (that was easy) with a guest list of 150 with expected attendance of 120 and a moderate size budget we were on our way. So the next thing is to consider the type of wedding (religious, non-religious) and type of reception (meal, cocktail etc.) Well, before getting engaged the type of ceremony had been discussed, a Catholic wedding (my religion) with some of the United ceremony intertwined (his religion). And type of Reception - Meal - good food and drinks is really important in both families!


So next we were on a hunt for a ceremony location (fairly easy, my home parish - St. Ignatius Church - chosen not only for it's beauty, but also because we are a member for the parish - other options were possible, but being married in the same place where I completed the majority of the other catholic rights was important to me). Our date was open and after a meeting with the priest it was booked!


After that was reception location! Many things to consider - location, price and room decor. We Looked at many options (about twelve places) and after ruling out the extreme places ($80 a plate?) it was mostly dependent on the feel of the room. The best way to describe this was the trip we took with my mom to find the reception location. She had kept saying "A room is a room" (trust me it's not!) After seeing four or five different hotels we stumble into the Greenwood Inn and see their ballroom - my mother's reaction was "Gasp! Okay a room isn't just a room" the room had a certain romantic feel to it, and the price was right - So we now have a hotel!




Next was photographer - this was really important to us. So we interviewed about ten different photographers and learned many things. The most important thing we learned is to look at their proof albums, not just their display albums. We were very close to booking one photographer and then saw his proofs - what awful pictures! Next was, it's our day, we are going to do it our way! If a photographer tells you the schedule you want is impossible, say thanks but no thanks! The Marcel Van Eerd of Special Moments Photography walked in our house. His attitude was, it's your day and I'll work around your schedule. So we had a photographer.

the dress

The dress - it was found by accident at the wedding show by accident - I hated the top of the dress but liked the train, so I decided to try it on - I came out, took one look at my Maid of Honour and cried - I was getting married! Took my mom the next day and put a deposit on the dress, (managed to negotiate no taxes, and a free veil - a savings of approximately $500 - really important, always negotiate, prices are marked up really high and veils really don't cost $200!)

So it's now the end of March and we're only part way there!

Cassandra Shire




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