FTLComm - Tisdale - October 10, 1999

If you watch television you might believe that there are virtually no stable relationships any more but nothing can be further from the truth as marriage is definitely "in". As far as we can tell it always has been "in" and is one of the most important conventions in our world as people hind their lives so much better when they share with someone else.

Saturday almost every week of the year couples and their friends and families make their lives together official and with those present proclaim their union. The guests are there to be a part of the ritual and validate the importance of two people accepting each other in a positive committment.

I dropped by the RecPlex Saturday to see the hockey game and noticed this wedding reception in progress and just as a passerby I was encouraged and uplifted by these two people's decision to face life together. In a way this is my way of waving and honking my car horn to show my approval and support of this man and this woman. May they enjoy good times and success.