Tisdale Wildlife Federation Auction

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 22, 1999
Thursday, the Tisdale Wildlife Federation set up their display in the Tisdale mall showing off the large selection of items that are being offered as prizes, silent auction, and the actual auction at their annual fund raiser on January 30. Last year the Federation raised $13,000 and hope to do even better this year.

The money raised by the federation goes into a large number of conservation projects in the area including their newest project the game preserve on a half section of land South West of the town. The land has already had considerable development with the installation of wildlife hiking trails and two blinds for the observation of water fowl and shore birds at the pond that is found on the North side of the property. (Ensign will take you out to this refuge in a future article for you to look around). The project is already listed in various wildlife publications and recognised by the provincial government although the department of highways has yet to get the sign up to direct people to the site.

In addition the Wildlife federation produced the extensive habitat enhancement at the Tisdale lagoon for geese. This project has proved to be a real benefit for the development of large numbers of geese hatching their young locally.

The people in the Federation are a hard working group but their efforts are enhanced by the generous support of the sponsors who donate the fabulous articles and prizes for the auction. A portion of these items can be seen in the display at the Tisdale mall but in case you want to look around yourself, below is a QuickTime VR panorama of the display. The image should download in about a minute or by the time you have read this, it should be available for you to look at. If you use the "control" key on your keyboard you can zoom back and see the scene larger or if you want to zoom in and take a look at the articles a little more closely use the shift key to bring you closer and of course, use you mouse to move around the scene.