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FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, February 28, 2004

Late yesterday and last night we had a significant snowfall. I had tucked the van well back on the driveway and you can see the evidence of last night's download, especially on the steps (above) which are topped up nicely.

In other such occurances the town crews have been out on the job cleaning things up but this one has been left to nature and the town equipment is all parked.

I was not until 11:20 that I got the driveway partly cleared and all over town people were out there doing what they could with their own snow piles but in many parts of the town the streets are barely passable. Below is downtown almost deserted at 12:00.

Most merchants have got to work and cleared off the snow from their walks but for a Saturday there sure were few people around. In this picture we can see Mr. Chupa doing some clean up around Groats and Mr. Lamb clearing his sidewalk around the hardware.

The remarkable thing about this snowfall is that it is very wet and the temperature this morning and throughout the day has remained at or close to freezing. Even now as I tell you this story at 7:40 it is -3º which is pretty warm.

Unlike the town the Department of highways have been out and highways in the area are in good condition.

As I drove through the neighbourhoods at noon today it was easy to find people shoveling and snow blowing their way around their homes while some homes seemed almost submerged in the white stuff.

It has been some years since people have had appropriate levels of snow in their yards and few people are concerned knowing that this is a good sign as we are all hoping that the drought cycle that has held the province in its clutches for almost a decade is subsiding and we can once again see things grow as they should.

All around the world there is the powerful evidence of nature and it just seems right for us who have lived here in the Northern Temperate Zone to have a winter that is the way it should be. Cold at times and a scattering of storms and snowfalls that will help things grow with spring comes once again.

The cycle of climate is not understood even though science is making steady progress the mysteries are far more common than the known trends while the causes of the trends is left in the speculation stage. We have had so much discussion about global warming in the past few years as the news media wants so badly

to be able to explain the unexplainable. It is the very nature of people to both want to know and be able to present some sort of explanation for the phenomena that they see.

One of the positive affects of the discussions about global warming has been a steady and growing awareness by the public for a world wide conservation of the quality of the atmosphere of the planet even though we are not entirely convinced that the actions of humans is part of the process of change.

Speaking of human intervention I just spotted on my office monitor the flashing lights of a grader. So

it seems Tisdale has decided to get their crew to work and do something about the condition of the streets.

This is our back yard and for the first time since we moved here in the summer of 1995 we have a significant amount of snow heeped up on everything. The sticky nature of this snow can be seen as it weighs down the evergreen trees.

I decided to leave some of the driveway until tomorrow as you can see in the picture below. I did however get stuck coming into the driveway as the street is just so heavy in front of our house. No doubt, that grader out there will clean things up over night.

Timothy W. Shire


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