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Its time once more

FTLComm - Winnipeg - Thursday, October 6 2005
Wednesday morning the picture above shows what Winnipeg looked like, pretty much like La Ronge on Monday. Snow and low visibility.
On the great Central Plains of Canada we can occassionally witness a tornado, there are no hurricanes and because of plait techtonics, earthquakes are impossible. But for half of each year with out shelter, heat and warm clothing survival is also impossible. The blasts of nature we see on television like the storms along the coasts of Southern United States are pretty tough on folks and property but lets face it they rarely last more than a week. On the plains of Canada life outside can be fatal for six full months of the year, not a storm, just winter.
We may have many tests in our lives but for each of us surviving yet another winter is a mark of achievement. No one gets through childhood without freezing their toung to a piece of metal. Every Western Canadian has suffered from frost bite at some time in their lives, fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks, it is a part of our lives and the rules that will keep you alive are drummed into every kid and still each year we lose people to the ravages of raw cold.
So we all mark our lives not by the year we were born but by the number of winters we have successfully lived through.
Its time to get the tires sorted out on your vehicle, make sure it will start and keep running, pack the shovel, extra clothes and survival gear in your car, van or pickup and time once more to pay close attention to any and all weather reports. Your life depends upon it.

Timothy W. Shire


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