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FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It looks like a couple of weeks of winter this year, we have become accustomed to mild winter temperatures in that -10º range and with a persistent solid high pressure planted firmly mid continent in Canada's Arctic we can expect stable -25º C air for at least most of a week more.

Take a look at the record we have made on this web site of temperatures and weather conditions in the past few years in February. You will notice that February can deliver just about any extreme and usually does. Today the water is frozen out of the atmosphere above us producing this ultra-clear sky.


Just keep in mind what Robert Browning said about this topic, focus on it and it will make this period of the year go much faster. "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

These scenes were captured this afternoon just west and north west of Tisdale and though it is cold and nearly calm our little world is not totally absent of life, in the image below, dead centre is a Raven on patrol.


My father just came back a couple of days ago from a Caribbean cruise and for two weeks he had not even wore a jacket. He said the cruise was great really enjoyed the ship, the ports of call and the visit to the Panama Canal. After telling me about his voyage he said that this weather is a bit shocking after only being away for two weeks and maybe a visit to Arizona next winter might be not so bad an idea.

As you look over Ensign you will see that the Crawfords and their friends are still wandering around the desert and will not get home until this Thursday.

In the mean time I recommend hot chocolate and the Sears spring and summer catalogue.



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