It stormed a bit

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, January 25th, 2010 Images by Timothy and Judy Shire

This is a storm that sort of snuck up on us all. Though there were warnings and talk of snowfall with a blow most of the week it seemed as they must be talking about someplace else. Even after it began it was a gentle peaceful little affair. It was warm, -4ÂșC or so and there was a little snow falling. The wind did pick up a little but the snowfall just was light and steady. By Saturday morning it was clear that something was going on because it was still warm and it was still snowing, a lot!

By Sunday morning it was letting up a little but it was still coming down and the wind had a little more energy, besides the temperature was retreating a bit creeping downward all day long.

We had gone out to supper Saturday night and during the time we were sitting at our table the lights blinked five times suggesting that in other parts of Saskatchewan those blinks were more likely to be hours even days long. However, not power outages here and no freezing rain, just very wet snow.

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