Wolf Creek Panorama

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 26, 1999

When you meet all four fuel trucks on the highway and farm access roads on a single day you know something is up and what is up is the sun. After what seems like a very long time the sun finally made an appearance over Tisdale Thursday and it must have got the juices flowing in the farmers who started order fuel in preparation for spring work, or perhaps it was just me noticing them and trying to find some connection. Who knows and it is hard to care on a day like Thursday. The QuickTime VR panorama was taken just North of Wolf Creek on Highway 35 North of Tisdale. Because of the wide angle lense you can bearly make out some of the features but from this vantage point Walker Seeds plant is visible to the North, but mostly there is just sky, glorious sky.

You can zoom into the image by pushing the shift keys or zoom out with your control key.