Christian Fellowship Young People

FTLComm - Tisdale -
Friday, June 6, 1998
Beth Fast went over the rules for this evenings activity, teams were picked, and the fun was underway. A wet game that soon littered the field with downed casualties as getting hit with a wet sponge disabled a player but there is life after death and a bucket of water from the well of life revived the combatant to fight another campaign.

More then twenty people were on hand for this evening's fun with Mrs. Fast and three other volunteer leaders to guide everyone through the modified prisoner's base game.

As a teenager few participants in activities of this sort realise just how important what they are doing. The pure joy and exuberance is a lifetime experience, the sort of thing you remember and cherish as one grows older. Though it seems so obvious, having fun is what life is really all about. It is tragic that so many people spend their whole lives hoping to find enjoyment rather then make it.

Studies of human behaviour have shown conclusively that the chemicals released into the blood stream when you are having fun are responsible for the elation and pleasure of the event and last for several hours after the laughter and excitement have ended. A good laugh early in the morning can keep a smile on your face and make you brighter and more capable almost until noon hour.

These people were having fun tonight.