How To See Around A Corner

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, June 4, 1998

Since Ensign comes to you only as a Internet document we can deliver images that are not within the capability of paper news media. The panorama is one such amazing bit of technology. The one that appears in this article consists of two panoramas each consisting of twenty-four individual pictures taken in succession around a fixed point offering the visitor a 360 degree view of the area. When you place your cursor on the image it appears as a dot push down on the mouse button and drag in the direction you wish to see. The picture will slide in that direction.

But you can do more then slide around the scene. If you push down your control key on your keyboard the picture will zoom out and if you push on the shift key the picture will zoom in.

We first showed you the panorama on May 23rd and then again two panoramas appear on the page dealing with the massive Catholic confirmation service on May 24th. The next time we put two panorama was on May 26 in an article about the memorial called Ashley Place. The technology that makes these wonders possible is QuickTime 3.0 a free enhancement enabler that can be downloaded and installed into your computer. This enabler was discussed in an article that appeared in Ensign on May 24th.

But the new ground we are covering in this article is the ability to shift locations. In the Ashley Place article the two panoramas were presented one after another in this example the two panoramas are embedded within each other. The normal cursor for a panorama is a round dot that turns to a directional cursor when you hold down your mouse button. When you hit the hot spot that links you to another panorama the cursor changes to a white arrow pointing up. Click in the hot spot and you instantly shift to the other panorama. In this case they both look toward the other spot used to make the second image so you can transition back and forth between the two views by clicking on the hot spot.

This panorama scene with its two linked vistas is over 400K of information and may take a moment to download but if you have taken the time to read this it should be downloaded by the time you finish digesting the text.

In future panorama articles we will explore other techniques that expand this hot spot capability to still images of a thing and to objects that can be moved so you can see the unviewable areas of the object from a two dimensional point of view.

Car lot QuickTime VR Panorama

Click and drag within the above picture to pan around the car lot!!

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If you do not see the panorama image you need to download QuickTime 3.0 that will enable your computer not only to see this image but also it will improve your handling of sound, movies and animation that appear on various web sites on the net. QuickTime 3.0 replaces a wide range of plug-ins and enhances the capability of your computer. It works on Windows 95 and Macintosh computers equally well and its installation is completely fool proof. A series of dialogue boxes guide you through the installation process and QuickTime 3.0 does not interfere with any other application or capability of your computer or its installed system. It is now the standard for movies and a wide range of multimedia that are found on the Internet