The Week of November 7 to 13, 2004


November - 12 - 13

Tisdale Trojans go down to defeat 5 - 2 aganist the Saskatoon Contacts
November 7, 2004
by : Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale : Saturday night and the Trojans lay down their second defeat in a row with exactly the same score. (unfortunately this story was never completed)
A week of Ups and Downs
November 12, 2004
by : Timothy W. Shire
Tisdale : No calamities, no serious problems, just a series of events that confused and obstructed the normal flow of things.
The myth of freedom by focusing on higher GDP numbers: The case of the Iraq war
November 13, 2004
by : Mario deSantis
Prince Albert : The excuses for waging war seem pretty trivial in all wars when weighed against the loss of human life. This past week the battle for Fallujah against Iraqi resistance fighters seems only another page in the continuing shambles that is American foreign policy.
The Greenwater Report
November 13, 2004
by : Gerald Crawford
Greenwater Provincial Park : Sorry about posting this story a week late but here is the news of the folks met at a craft show, the story of a cradle and out of season willow puff balls.